Anurag Society

Children's Ministries

Anurag Covenant Primary School

Although all Indian children have access to free public education, the quality of education is not at par with private schools. In addition, because many poor families are unable to afford the school uniforms, shoes and basic school supplies they often don’t attend school.  Moreover, since classes run only in morning, schools do not provide lunch or a place to go after school. There are also very few extra-curricular activities the children can join. 

To fill the gap, Anurag started a primary school that is an alternative for poor families to send their children. Anurag Primary School provides a quality education, gives the kids with a midday meal, a variety of extra-curricular activities, tutoring, as well as basic personal items, clothing and school supplies This is the most recent addition to Anurag's roster of programs.

Currently, there are 500 students enrolled from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  There are plans to expand the school to additional grade levels. Students attending this school are charged a modest, affordable tuition fee which is subsidized by the child's sponsor.

Day Care Program

This program provides working parents (who are mostly day laborers) with a safe, caring place to entrust their children between one and four years old.  Just as important, it also enables them to earn a living and have hope for their families and their future. There are 70 kids in this program.

In addition to a free mid-day meal, every child receives packages of personal care items for themselves and their families - blankets in winter, toothbrushes, toothpaste, coconut oil (for the hair), soap, etc.

Saturday Club and VBS

Every summer, Anurag holds a VBS for 10 days. This has been successful and last year more than 1000 children attended from Lado Sarai and nearby communities. Children at Anurag can also attend a weekly club and learn stories and lessons.