Anurag Society

How You Can Help

We need Sponsors who are willing to commit to sponsoring a Anurag Student for less than a dollar a day.  A sponsorship costs $30/month or $360/year and can be paid all at once, quarterly, monthly.  If you sponsor a student, you will receive a biography and facts about that student’s family.  Also, the staff at Anurag will translate letters to Hindi and vice versa so you can communicate with your sponsored student.
  • Children's Ministry: There are 120 children in need for sponsors. Children will receive school tuition, books, uniform, and basic health care.
  • Sewing and Tailoring Program: There are 75 students in need of sponsors. The students will receive instruction, course materials, meals, uniform, and health care. This program is a one year commitment.
  • General Donations: Anurag has other needs and financial requirements beyond its day-to-day operations. We are in need of Water coolers for clean drinking water, computers for children as well as for the young adult program, health care supplies, etc.
  • Healthcare Clinic: We need financial support to continue and expand our healthcare operations. 
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