Anurag Society

Bringing Hope and a Future to Lives Ravaged by Poverty

Anurag Society is a US-based non-profit organization committed to changing the lives of women and children in India. The word Anurag means "eternal love" and the organizations we support are fueled with love, hard work, and sacrifice while meeting the needs around them. 

One of the organizations we support began in 1990 with 25 children. Now, through education and other services, we are bringing hope and a future to more than 1000 women and children. Children from the ages of 12 months to adults nearing 80 are enrolled in various programs around India, including daycare facilities for infants and toddlers, K-8 schooling, after-school programs, government-recognized sewing and tailoring schools for young adults, computer courses, adult literacy programs for women, and healthcare services.