Anurag Society

Adult Ministries

Sewing and Tailoring Training

For women and young adults who have completed a 10th grade education, the Indian Department of Labor has recognized our certified vocational training program. This means students follow a government syllabus to earn a certificate which is recognized across India.  The age of the typical student ranges from 15 to 26.

After finishing the course and passing exams, students are able to find jobs in the clothing industry. Many students have started their own small businesses as well. 

Adult Literacy Program

The illiteracy rate in India for adult women is close to 50%. Any woman can enroll in Adult Literacy programs. Many are mothers and grandmothers of kids enrolled in other programs. Literacy classes allow them to play an important role in their children’s education. 

Computer Courses

Student can enroll in computer classes that familiarize them with basic computer skills in using Word, Excel, Powerpoint and learn how to navigate the world wide web.