Anurag Society

Children's Ministries

Primary School

Although Indian children have access to free public education, many families are still unable to afford the necessary school uniforms, shoes and basic school supplies. Many families end up having to choose between an education and keeping their children home or, even sending them to work during school hours. 

Our involvement in schooling bridges this gap, by providing quality education for families facing this difficult choice. Children are able to receive lunch, a variety of extra-curricular activities, tutoring, as well as basic personal care and hygiene items, clothing, as well as school supplies.  Parents are encouraged to contribute what they can. 

Day Care Program

Available for younger children, day care enables parents (most often day laborers) to continue working knowing their children are in a safe place. Enrolled children receive meals, early education, and personal care and hygiene packages for themselves and their families. Parents are encouraged to contribute what they can.